Kofi Quarshie SOLO

The audience can best feel his strong personality and infinite love for music through his solo concerts.
His passion mesmerizes the listeners. He enthralls the audience with his drumming variation. His desire for rhythm takes you on a trip to Kofi‘s roots.

Immerse in the rich culture of Ghana through his story and feel the pulse of West Africa.
If wanted, pictures of his home country are shown at the concert.



At gigs with the Agoo-Group, an all through traditional dancing and percussion group originated from Ghana, which was co-founded by Kofi, he conveys the West African joy of living.


KDR - Jazz-Formation Kilimandscharo Dub & Riddim Societ

Concerts with Kofi and the Jazz-Formation Kilimandscharo Dub & Riddim Society, which consists of the internationally known musicians Peter Madson (USA), Herbert Walser-Breuß (AUT), Hervé Samb (FR), Michael Mondisir (GB) and band leader Alfred Vogel (AUT), take place on a regular basis.


Brendan Adams Singer-Songwriter

Kofi accompanies Brendan Adams with his live concerts. He emphasizes the charm of Brandans music with his African touch.


Christine Hödl & Band

Kofi perfectly supports the band of Christine Hödl, widely known through winning „Die Große Chance“ with their texts and rhythms. He subtly convays the African touch..