Workshops for adults

As professional musician Kofi offers workshops for people of every age. He understands how to teach rhythm to every participant and to delve with drumbeats into the African culture. Singing plays an important role too.
African drumbeats are usually not put down in notes. The repertoire of rhythms is taught to the participants by simple drumming language.
No musical prerequisites are needed. Drums are provided.
Let your soul be touched by the African vibes and sounds.


Workshops for kids and teenagers

Drumming is fun – particularly in groups. With easy to follows steps kids are introduced
to the world of drumming. They experience a part of African culture through creative rhythms, sounds, vibes, songs and stories.
Team spirit and togetherness as well as coordination and concentration are fostered. Moreover, drumming has a soothing effect on built-up aggression. Fun and enjoying the music come first!